Sunday, July 3, 2011

UNEXPECTED Bride & Groom encounters!!!


Happy Sunday!!!
I just got back from the 1st Triathlon in Puerto Morelos.
We only did the 5 km race but I feel like if a truck ran over me (hahaha)

Any way during the race I started thinking of all the
RANDOM places I have sighted a Bride & Groom
Just Married couple.
So I decided to show them all in no specifical order
With photos from internet.



subway station

inside fountain

ridding motorcycle

at airport

at ferry

at the aquarium


Perhaps you have sighted couples in a place thats looks nothing
like the place were they are supposed to be ...
in a place very unusual (by the way this makes the pics even cooler)

Which places have you seen them other than the Disco (after party)
which is way more common ... share with us: just for fun!!!


  1. we once saw a couple at the circus and it was really random ... we thought they were there for a photoshooting but no, they just decided to go before the party!

  2. really LOL that is just too funny!!!


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