Monday, July 4, 2011

TRASH THE DRESS: a trend worth every penny (nickel and dime)

To have on the day after wedding your
trash the dress has become more popular now a days.

Riviera maya is an amazing place to have yours. White Sandy beaches, ruins, cenotes, the mystical jungles and exotical backrounds that make the TTD session even more exciting to Bride & Groom than the traditional photo shooting on their wedding day.

But I really feel its time to give you a new idea.


yes I know it sounds crazy but think about it.

You had your wedding back home and come to Riviera maya or Cancun for your Honeymoon and you want to have more wedding memories.

Ussually friends and honeymoon experts will help you make a list of your must haves.

This one inspired by


You don’t quite see the wedding dress in there. So DARE to try something different and have the mother of all adventures at your honeymoon.

Get your wedding dress and add it to your honeymoon packing list.

Technology makes this posible for example using the very popular compression bags:

Place your wedding dress inside these plastic travel bags, seal end, roll up, and you're ready to go. Some may need help from a vacuum.

The air inside the bag with your garments is squeezed out a one-way valve at the opposite end

Made with a triple-laminated nylon/plastic film which is sealed at edges with heavy duty edge seams

Includes an improved anti-blowback zipper, waterproof and odorproof.

Packages usually nclude 1 Medium and 2 Large sucion bags.

Book with Riviera Maya and Cancun TRASH THE DRESS experts. Because they not only have the best technollogy and knowledge but work at the greatest locations.

Like Tamara & Anthony (below):

You can also book our Venue for the trash the dress session.

More info

photo from Jimena & Wero real Trash The dress session
at our Riviera Maya Venue

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