Saturday, July 2, 2011


source of design

Usually I get inspiration from the things that I actually live in the present time. So I have this HUGE thing for Birds, I love everything about them and even have my Bird watcher's guide book for Birds in The Peninsula of Yucatan (so true).

And looking at my closet I see I have lots of accessories and things bird related (looks a bit like this)

So here in Mexico we don't get everything about fashion as fast as in the States. And I've been wanting my FEATHER HAIR EXTENSION for so long that when I located a girl that sells them in Cancun (Mariel Díaz Mendoza) and it turns out she is the sister of my sister´s friend. (small world) So anyway we met yesterday so I could get my feather.....
... and I haven't felt happier! (its crazy how sometimes its just the silly things that inspire you)
Well I will take this passion of mine about birds and feathers and give you some magical insight of how a very sublime detail can make a BRIDE shine on her day.
From earrings, to hair combs I have a few of my favorite pics from the web to share with you:

Ivory Pearl rhinestone feathers hair comb 38,87 euros

Loving is sharing:
But my favorite non wedding BLOG that gives me inspiration and I can really relate to every word and photo is definitely:

AMAZING I just adore her!

have your selves a lovely little
weekend and hope you are as
inspired as I am with the feather flair!!!

xoxo bye bye birdies!!!