Sunday, November 29, 2015

10 reasons why you should NEVER have your destination wedding in Mexico.

If you’re still deciding whether or not Mexico is the correct destination for your wedding, you better think twice. Maybe after reading this Post you’ll wish you had known this before you had taken your decision. 

1.DESTINATION WEDDINGS IN MEXICO will save you a lot of money. And of course we hate to save money on weddings. After all hotel package deals are great and even if you choose a private venue you will still get more “bang for your buck”.

2. MEXICANS are known to be very intense about service, and we all know that  you really don´t want your friends and family to get used to being treated like royalty during their visit. I mean they could even not want to go back home to real life. 

3. Wedding professionals in Mexico are over prepared. And you really don’t want to hire professionals to do the job. People here have so many certifications, and with3 number one wedding destinations of the world like Riviera maya,  Cancun and Los Cabos, you will find people with over 100 weddings in their career. And this of course guarantees the success of your event. And of course who wants that right? Destination weddings are supposed to be lay back and easy going.

4. MEXICO has so many different destinations that you will not know which one to choose from.There is the wine region, amazing pacific ocean beaches  with mountains, beaches with dessert,Caribbean beaches, colonial towns, amazing islands, underwater paradise and even mountains with forests. Come on, we know that you just want a normal place to gather your friends and family and tie the knot. Who would have known choosing the right place would be so hard. 

5. Not everyone will be able to come. I mean its MEXICO its like next to the United States and with great air connection. There are direct flights from the mayor cities. This will definitely make it so easy for your guests to come.  And still your guest lists will be reduced in half. No way of course the idea of a destination wedding is for everyone to come. So forget it if the list is cut down by half. 

6. CulturalExperiences unlimited. How are you going to bring everyone to an amazing country with so many experiences, from culinary, to adventure, to shopping,OMG! No way you are sharing with them the BEST experience of their lives with your wedding. I really think you really don’t want this.  

7. Mexicans are crafters by nature. If there is something you want or need for your destination wedding they will have it built or done. Wait a minute, this will save you money too. You don’t have to bring everything from home; terrible idea!!! Of course its way better to pay extra luggage or ask family or friends to carry stuff for your wedding on their bags. What are this people thinking about!

8. Tax return. Now this one is the worst of them all, as a tourist you will get cash back for the taxes. Wait what a nightmare I don’t even like the word taxes. 

9. Your kids will have to come back to Mexico at least one. Really having to force your kids in to coming back to witness the amazing wonders of the magical place where you got married, I think this one is terrible. Because when they see your amazing photos they will want to visit and then you’re forced to do it which will really be  a burden. 10. Honeymoon too!Now come on, not only will you have to suffer during the amazing, wonderful,out of this world destination wedding, but you can also stay for your honeymoon. I mean if you choose a colonial city, you can always honey moon on one of the beaches, or vice versa. Really I don’t think anyone may want to save on airfare by traveling in the same country. Or even better have great package deal with same resorts in different destinations. For example get married atROSEWOOD SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, and then honey moon at ROSEWOOD MAYAKOBA Riviera Maya. They would have to make you a lot of Upgrades and give you great deals. When you think about it, no body really likes a good deal. 

So here you have it, the most amazing places, great food and wonderful people are waiting for you to have the best experience of your life. A destination wedding that everyone will be talking about for ever. Yes Mexico, Liveit to believe it!Ilse DiamantMexico’s LuxuryRomance Ambassador

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The day is close and you and the groom must prepare to be spectacular on your wedding day.
It’s important to organize and schedule your beauty sessions with anticipation so they don’t interfere with your plans. Let’s get started with the bride.
·      Hair
Start by taking care of your hair two months earlier with home treatments or commercial products by applying them weekly or monthly, if you don’t know how to do it ask your hair stylist. Also it’s important to have a rich diet in vitamins A, B and C.
I recommend you that if you are planning on changing your hair color or experience new treatments, do it 6 months previously so 3 months before the wedding you’ll have made your look decision.

·      Face
It will be one of the days in which more pictures will be taken and of course you’ll want to look gorgeous. Your best and secure option is to visit a dermatologist that will help you to have a beautiful skin for the big day. He can give you some treatment for your type of skin or for any ‘problems’ you may have, such as pimples and blackheads.
But don’t forget three things: drink 2 liters of water daily, this will not only help your skin but also your body, apply sunscreen on your face every 4 hours and clean your face every night.

·      Lips

You should have healthy and sensual lips on that day so I suggest taking care of them each night by applying vitamin E lip or Vaseline and exfoliate them at least once a week.  A natural and easy exfoliation option is a mix of sugar and honey or almond oil and rub your lips with it in circular movements or use a soft toothbrush in the same circular movements for some seconds, finally don’t forgot hydrate them.

·      Hands

The hands always must be beautiful, especially when everybody will want to see your ring. I recommend you to make some appointments with the manicurist a day before the wedding day, but you can also make them beautiful at home exfoliating your hands once or two times per week. Also, consider that your nails color should be natural and soft.

·      Body & Bronze
This is an excellent moment to get fit as there is enough motivation and intention. You can start with something easy and calm like going for a walk each morning or go to the gym with an instructor that can guide you. Remember that the exercise goes accompanied with a good and balanced diet.

After doing your fair amount of exercise it’s time to get bronze! The best option is to go to a specialized center and make your bronze with a professional, but it has to be done a few days before your wedding.
If it’s the first time you’re doing it, is advisable to do it a month before, so if there’s something you don’t like, you’ll have time to solve it.

Let’s continue with the groom.

·      Hair & beard
Use a shampoo and a conditioner that suits your hair type, it’s important to wash your hair with lukewarm water to avoid damage to the cuticles.
You can try a new haircut and beard that reflects your personality and suits your face. If you always have been the one that shave your beard, maybe it's time to let you pamper and relax and go with a professional barber that can surprise you with a new look.
Remember don’t do any haircut or shave your beard on the wedding day, you must do it 2 or 3 days before.

·      Hands
You will be the one to put the ring on the finger’s bride and you’ll carry a ring too, so it’s important to have your hands and nails clean and manicured. It’s better if you visit the manicurist at least once a week, if you don’t like too much the idea, trim your nails and hydrate them each time you wash your hands.

·      Face
Invariably the type of skin is important to execute a balanced diet that will help to prevent acne breakouts. Don’t forget to drink 2 liter of water daily. Clean your face each night and hydrate it. Just as the bride, avoid high consumption of fats, carbohydrates, alcohol and cigarettes.
As a last step you may take a facial with which you'll be fresh, ready and handsome.

·      Teeth
The smile of the groom when he sees the bride walking to the altar is one of the most beautiful moments.
So you must have well-kept teeth, fresh breathe and white teeth. As the bride, you may use white strips or make an appointment with the dentist. Remember to wash your teeth before the wedding and use mouthwash to avoid awkward moments.
Finally if you want to spend some time together, go to the spa to relax with some massage and facials.
The best part is coming… you and your groom have an appointment at the altar.
By Alexandra RQ


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bridal Lingerie

It’s time for the last details but not less important. We talk about the lingerie that you’ll be using on your wedding day and your honeymoon.
The underwear of your choice should give you a sense of elegance and comfort. Likewise it must be romantic and sensual for your wedding night so, when your husband look at you, it will take his breath away, “the wow effect” and remembers one of the reasons why he said “I do” at the altar.
There is an extensive variety of styles, silhouettes and colors among you can chose to hide what you don’t want to show and highlight the best parts of your body.
When shopping time comes, it would be good to go to a store where you can try on clothes, besides they can advise you what fits you better according to your body shape. Also, don’t forget some company, because they can give you their opinion. Also, don’t forget that it is YOU who’s going to wear it!
Take your time to know what are your looking for to make a perfect match with your wedding dress.
These are some garment lingerie.
* Bridal Basques /bustier
o This item of clothing give you a great support on the breasts, you can show your waist and have freedom of movement. The bustier is smaller but also comfortable, and it shapes your body.
Usually this type of clothing include laces and embroidered on the top and lower part that might get away of the dress which is why is important to try it on with your dress before to avoid this situation.

* The corset
o Is the piece of lingerie most commonly used. The corset starts from the breasts to the hip, its main feature is that it has laces at the back that must be tighten to give you an hourglass-shape and a great breasts support. Good corset helps to reduce the waist by up to one size, but the bad news are that freedom of movement it’s restricted.

* Bras
o The best part is that that you already know your size and the material of your preference that fits you best. It also offers you good support but it exposes the belly.

* Garters
o Your outfit isn’t complete without a garter. Yours must be beautiful, sexy and comfortable. As all of the above, there is great range for choose. You can take advantage to give the “something blue” to your outfit.
There are embroidered garters, simple, with precious stones or flower shape details.

* Stockings
o The stockings are very important to give your outfit the sensual touch and also they are light.
You must take care of hooks that hold it because they could get caught on your dress or hurt you by scratching your leg.
You must pay attention to the size because if you choose them wrong they may give the appearance that you have bigger thighs.
If you opted them, don’t forget to put your garter on first and then your stockings.

You can ask for your groom’s opinion to find out what he likes, however, it would be ideal to give him the surprise. Try to make a balance between what you like and what he wishes.
Choose your underwear carefully because if you are in some exercise routine or diet your size may change.
When the ceremony and the celebration has finished …it’s time for honeymoon!
The options that we suggest to use on your trip are night gowns that come in different sizes, ideally use the ones that are short, that have some transparency with embroidered. Also you can use a garter belt in conjunction with stockings that will make irresistible to your husband.
Color of lingerie is key, they vary from clear colors such as white or lavender to incandescent colors like red.
The crucial thing is to choose what makes you delighted, comfortable, sexy and fantastic; your choice must catch your style and romanticism. Don’t forget to be yourself and enjoy the beginning of your new life next to your best friend.

By Alexandra RQ


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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Once you have chosen Mexico as your wedding destination, we introduce you 10 traditions that are perform on Mexican weddings.
1.     Something new, something blue and something old
a.     Brides have to wear these three elements that represent a good start of her married life.
Something new represents the new life as a wife that is going to begin. Something blue symbolizes fidelity and love, you can wear it in some detail of your clothes; something old represents the link between the bride and her family, also the pass for a new life.

2.     The thirteen gold coins
a.      These golden coins are called arras and the groom gives it to the bride on a little box on her hands, these are blessed on the religious ceremony and symbolize prosperity, material assets and confidence, usually it passes from generation to generation.
3.     Throwing rice
a.     At the end of the ceremony the guests throw rice to the married couple. This represents fertility and well-being with the purpose of the couple to have children.
Currently, some churches have banned the use of rice, however exist other options just as beautiful that may substitute the rice, like blow bubbles which look great in photos and give a touch of freshness and originality, also the guests can throw rose petals or butterflies.
4.     Play the car horn
a.     While the just married couple is being transferred to the party room, the car’s driver plays the car’s horn five times quickly, frequently for announcing
that newly weds are on board. The legend has it
 that is for get away evil spirits that can interfere in the happiness of the new couple.

5.     Lace Bridal Garters
a.     It is a piece of lingerie that the bride wears above the knee. This represents that the bride is no longer single. The groom has to remove it from to the bride and later he throws it back to the male guest and he who wins it, it’s said to be the next one to get married.

6.     Víbora de la mar
a.     This is an enjoyable dance in which the bride stands on a chair and the groom in another being two meters away from each other holding the bride’s veil. There are two moments: one vibora for women and another for men. The song of the víbora de la mar plays and all the guests hold their hands dancing around the couple passing under them and besides them.

7.     Dance of  muertito

a.     This dance is for the groom, in which the funeral march sounds and the male guests carry him on their shoulders and walk through the party room, sometimes taking away his clothes (but not all of them); meanwhile the bride goes behind him. Afterwards the guests throw him up. Sometimes this symbolizes the groom quitting parties and now devoted to his wife.

8.     Dancing of straws

a.     This dance is performed when the party is well advanced. High poles adorned are distributed among the guests who make a big circle where background music id being played. The guests dance at the same rhythm while In the center of the track are the couple.

9.     Money for the bride and the groom

a.     After the dinner and the dances, the bride along with her godmother, walk holding her slipper on her hand accompanied and approaches the female guests so they can put some money into the slipper. On the other hand, the groom accompanied by his godfather also ‘ask for money’. They approach the male guests who stick money on the back of his shirt.  This money help the couple with the honeymoon expenses.

10.  .Mariachis

a.     Definitively  is an option that you can’t miss. The mariachis is a group of six people wearing regional clothing that play traditional mexican music.  Nowadays they also play some modern music.

The mariachis can be the best part of your party since everyone can dance with their music and can be the cherry on top of your wedding.

I hope these options are of your liking and consider them for your wedding day. If you have any doubt on some of them or want to know more about them, you can search videos or information on internet, you will see that these alternatives are funny and very lovely
Enjoying a memorable and lovely day with a bit of Mexico at your wedding.

By Alexandra RQ