Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learning a Wedding Tradition: The Ribbon Bouquet

I JUST LOVE THIS TRADITION! The tradition of creating a ribbon bouquet for the bride at her bridal shower to use at her rehearsal dinner as a stand in bouquet. Each ribbon or bow that was that extra detail on the gifts at the bridal shower is saved for this ribbon bouquet as the bride opens her gifts.
And I only knew about it when we had the Wedding rehearsal of Joe at Secret Jewel Celebrations and she had a funny thing on her hands.
I came near her and said, what is that?
And she just smiled and told me it's my Ribbon Bouquet made from the ribbons on the presents I got on my different Bridal Showers.

Then I just thought I had to share this great idea and this is how I have started the Ribbon Bouquet tradition with my friends. Actually we have just made 2 of them (most of my Friends (the girls) got married before I knew the tradition)
Since in México this is not a tradition we do, I had to have it on my BLOG to give ideas to all those Mexican (or other Country) Brides that can do something different at their Bridal Showers and better Yet give a wedding related activity to that eager aunt or cousin who really wants to help you out with something, have her in charge of your: RIBBON BOUQUET

Now I leave you with Laura Winfree 's Ribbon Bouquet True Story.
It's just so exciting:

I'm an American but I live in Cancun, and married my now - husband Jorge in July 2010.

My entire American family came down to Mexico for the wedding.

My aunts and grandma hosted my bridal shower at their villa in Puerto Morelos (where they were staying),and these ribbons are from that shower. My 2 older sisters made the bouquet and gave it to me on the morning of the wedding, right before the rehearsal. The wedding was at Hacienda Teya in the city of Merida.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Post as much as I enjoyed learning a cool Bridal tradition!

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