Sunday, November 29, 2015

10 reasons why you should NEVER have your destination wedding in Mexico.

If you’re still deciding whether or not Mexico is the correct destination for your wedding, you better think twice. Maybe after reading this Post you’ll wish you had known this before you had taken your decision. 

1.DESTINATION WEDDINGS IN MEXICO will save you a lot of money. And of course we hate to save money on weddings. After all hotel package deals are great and even if you choose a private venue you will still get more “bang for your buck”.

2. MEXICANS are known to be very intense about service, and we all know that  you really don´t want your friends and family to get used to being treated like royalty during their visit. I mean they could even not want to go back home to real life. 

3. Wedding professionals in Mexico are over prepared. And you really don’t want to hire professionals to do the job. People here have so many certifications, and with3 number one wedding destinations of the world like Riviera maya,  Cancun and Los Cabos, you will find people with over 100 weddings in their career. And this of course guarantees the success of your event. And of course who wants that right? Destination weddings are supposed to be lay back and easy going.

4. MEXICO has so many different destinations that you will not know which one to choose from.There is the wine region, amazing pacific ocean beaches  with mountains, beaches with dessert,Caribbean beaches, colonial towns, amazing islands, underwater paradise and even mountains with forests. Come on, we know that you just want a normal place to gather your friends and family and tie the knot. Who would have known choosing the right place would be so hard. 

5. Not everyone will be able to come. I mean its MEXICO its like next to the United States and with great air connection. There are direct flights from the mayor cities. This will definitely make it so easy for your guests to come.  And still your guest lists will be reduced in half. No way of course the idea of a destination wedding is for everyone to come. So forget it if the list is cut down by half. 

6. CulturalExperiences unlimited. How are you going to bring everyone to an amazing country with so many experiences, from culinary, to adventure, to shopping,OMG! No way you are sharing with them the BEST experience of their lives with your wedding. I really think you really don’t want this.  

7. Mexicans are crafters by nature. If there is something you want or need for your destination wedding they will have it built or done. Wait a minute, this will save you money too. You don’t have to bring everything from home; terrible idea!!! Of course its way better to pay extra luggage or ask family or friends to carry stuff for your wedding on their bags. What are this people thinking about!

8. Tax return. Now this one is the worst of them all, as a tourist you will get cash back for the taxes. Wait what a nightmare I don’t even like the word taxes. 

9. Your kids will have to come back to Mexico at least one. Really having to force your kids in to coming back to witness the amazing wonders of the magical place where you got married, I think this one is terrible. Because when they see your amazing photos they will want to visit and then you’re forced to do it which will really be  a burden. 10. Honeymoon too!Now come on, not only will you have to suffer during the amazing, wonderful,out of this world destination wedding, but you can also stay for your honeymoon. I mean if you choose a colonial city, you can always honey moon on one of the beaches, or vice versa. Really I don’t think anyone may want to save on airfare by traveling in the same country. Or even better have great package deal with same resorts in different destinations. For example get married atROSEWOOD SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, and then honey moon at ROSEWOOD MAYAKOBA Riviera Maya. They would have to make you a lot of Upgrades and give you great deals. When you think about it, no body really likes a good deal. 

So here you have it, the most amazing places, great food and wonderful people are waiting for you to have the best experience of your life. A destination wedding that everyone will be talking about for ever. Yes Mexico, Liveit to believe it!Ilse DiamantMexico’s LuxuryRomance Ambassador