Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Once you have chosen Mexico as your wedding destination, we introduce you 10 traditions that are perform on Mexican weddings.
1.     Something new, something blue and something old
a.     Brides have to wear these three elements that represent a good start of her married life.
Something new represents the new life as a wife that is going to begin. Something blue symbolizes fidelity and love, you can wear it in some detail of your clothes; something old represents the link between the bride and her family, also the pass for a new life.

2.     The thirteen gold coins
a.      These golden coins are called arras and the groom gives it to the bride on a little box on her hands, these are blessed on the religious ceremony and symbolize prosperity, material assets and confidence, usually it passes from generation to generation.
3.     Throwing rice
a.     At the end of the ceremony the guests throw rice to the married couple. This represents fertility and well-being with the purpose of the couple to have children.
Currently, some churches have banned the use of rice, however exist other options just as beautiful that may substitute the rice, like blow bubbles which look great in photos and give a touch of freshness and originality, also the guests can throw rose petals or butterflies.
4.     Play the car horn
a.     While the just married couple is being transferred to the party room, the car’s driver plays the car’s horn five times quickly, frequently for announcing
that newly weds are on board. The legend has it
 that is for get away evil spirits that can interfere in the happiness of the new couple.

5.     Lace Bridal Garters
a.     It is a piece of lingerie that the bride wears above the knee. This represents that the bride is no longer single. The groom has to remove it from to the bride and later he throws it back to the male guest and he who wins it, it’s said to be the next one to get married.

6.     Víbora de la mar
a.     This is an enjoyable dance in which the bride stands on a chair and the groom in another being two meters away from each other holding the bride’s veil. There are two moments: one vibora for women and another for men. The song of the víbora de la mar plays and all the guests hold their hands dancing around the couple passing under them and besides them.

7.     Dance of  muertito

a.     This dance is for the groom, in which the funeral march sounds and the male guests carry him on their shoulders and walk through the party room, sometimes taking away his clothes (but not all of them); meanwhile the bride goes behind him. Afterwards the guests throw him up. Sometimes this symbolizes the groom quitting parties and now devoted to his wife.

8.     Dancing of straws

a.     This dance is performed when the party is well advanced. High poles adorned are distributed among the guests who make a big circle where background music id being played. The guests dance at the same rhythm while In the center of the track are the couple.

9.     Money for the bride and the groom

a.     After the dinner and the dances, the bride along with her godmother, walk holding her slipper on her hand accompanied and approaches the female guests so they can put some money into the slipper. On the other hand, the groom accompanied by his godfather also ‘ask for money’. They approach the male guests who stick money on the back of his shirt.  This money help the couple with the honeymoon expenses.

10.  .Mariachis

a.     Definitively  is an option that you can’t miss. The mariachis is a group of six people wearing regional clothing that play traditional mexican music.  Nowadays they also play some modern music.

The mariachis can be the best part of your party since everyone can dance with their music and can be the cherry on top of your wedding.

I hope these options are of your liking and consider them for your wedding day. If you have any doubt on some of them or want to know more about them, you can search videos or information on internet, you will see that these alternatives are funny and very lovely
Enjoying a memorable and lovely day with a bit of Mexico at your wedding.

By Alexandra RQ