Friday, June 10, 2011

TRUE STORY: Message in a Bottle

The Venue stands as part of SECRET JEWEL built in an amazing private housing complex called PLAYA DEL SECRETO.

The villa is an ECO CHIC Property for amazing family vacations. We went there as kids, so growing up in paradise gave me plenty of inspiration.

And how can you don´t have inspiration, when amazing things happen, some are things you only think may happen in movies.

This post takes back to the year 2008, when my Dad was walking on the front beach area of the property, doing what he always does: picking up the garbage and trash the sea washes up shore.

And there stared at a bottle that looked like it had something inside. He came to us and we carefully open it.

What we discovered inside:
a message!!

OMG we were so excited. Were did it come from? was it a love letter? was it a rescue letter?
And here the message.

So it urned out to be a group of friends just having on their sailboat in the caribbean, that decided to launch the bottle and just see how far it got.

All the way from the GRENADINES to the RIVIERA MAYA.
Couldn´t even imagine it travelled for 3 months

This is the group of friends that had
this great idea. We emailed them after finding the bottle and they told us the whole story.

Just one of the amazing stories you can tell your grandchildren, and one of the cool things about living on the caribbean.


    HOW ABOUT THIS: message in a bottle, we are doing it for Wendy & jeff´s wedding in October.

  2. Que padre!!! Fue muy emocionante abrir esa botella y como apestaba jajajaja. Felicidades!!!!