Thursday, June 16, 2011

MY LIFE ON THE NET - the internet

(hahaha funny monkeys)

So this is ME. Just trying to make the world smile.
Enjoying my job one wedding at a time.
But I just couldn't get enough, and I had to do something about it.

So I had my web page, and what next? . - I decided it was
time to have a BLOG. This would be the easiest way to have
every wedding posted and have the pictures on line where everyone
could see them and everyone could share and comment their event.
But there was so little I knew about blogging OMG
It is an amazing but yet dangerous world; hahaha I mean
dangerous because the more I look for material and browse other blogs
and websites the more I stayed logged in and the more ideas I get.

And all of a sudden It's 4am in the morning and I have a very
important meeting and I'm still here just anxious to finish my POST
and ... OK you get the idea.

The amazing part of all this was, that I started using Facebook more that my BLOG because I really couldn't update it as often as I wished and Facebook just got a lot more easier for me. Just download pics, make a new album and voilá! the new wedding in on the web.

Of course I had no idea what I was missing by NOT knowing the correct ways to BLOG and of course to use the amazing (secretly in love with it) TWITTER
So it all makes sense once you have the right kind of people helping out and
leading you towards the right direction. And yes I will say this I have the
fortune of finding the most amazing Community online I could ever imagine.
You don't only inspire me, you have helped me understand how amazing
internet tools are how easier my life is now and how I can share your magic with my friends, family and clients to help grow the INSPIRATION for weddings everywhere.

This is just how I got involved with my amazing, caring, loving and
(I ran out of words) sweet TWIPS. They have really helped me, and just in in 1 week,
my life, my business and my clients, are improving. Thank you Naomi V. Goodman
I will get to know you in person one day.
And of course you and all the TWIPS are invited to Cancun, MI CASA ES SU CASA.

And just when I thought STUMBLE UPON was the greatest thing ever ... I discovered
(thanx to the TWIPS) a wonderful amazing world full of color and pics that
can describe any idea with just putting them together.
I always wondered .- how did those
amazing BLOGS had so many pretty little photos.
And yeiii (personal expression of joy) now I can do it too.

So I'm still pretty new about somethings, but just doing what I love more,
writing and sharing with the world my passion for weddings the LOVE, the
laughs, the magic that involves every single detail.

I don't want to be famous. I don't want to be rich.
I just want to make a difference in someones life by helping them
accomplish just one little dream: their wedding day!

with love Me.

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