Saturday, June 25, 2011


It's no big secret many of us (humans) love our pets, specially our dogs.
I have always asked my self what if I can take my dog to my wedding?

After all, he has always been my dearest friend,
my sweet heart and my great love.
I really think about couples that have a very special
connection to their pet and how important it would be
to share this day with that special friend.
This is my amazing 6 year old dog called PUPPY
In case you wonder yes that is a coconut in his mouth.
He lives on the Beach, were we have the Venue.
If you come visit you'll meet him. He is just adorable!!!

I found amazing pics about cool couples and their pets and
I got so excited I just want to share the ones I LOVE the most!

Umm not a dog but still a cool pic huh?

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