Monday, June 6, 2011

LOVE is not an option is a MUST.

We live a busy life, a fast life.. no time to slow down and take a closer look at lifes little details.

So today I just thought I might slow down a bit and take some time off my busy life to write about something we all have in common and we normally take for granted, we all need to be loved.

In my world its not just a feeling its a basic human necessity, the one that reminds you on a rainy afternoon, about when you where a kid and a thunder scared you to death; how just
big bear hug from your dad meant everything was going to be all right.

When a sudden smell takes you away to that first kiss and how you felt butterflies on your stomach when you saw the crush of your life walk by.


Technology brings us closer (if you are far away) but at the same time pushes us further away (if you are close).

What I really want to say is, now we can hug, kiss and poke with our iphones, blackberries and other devices, this is so cool when you live in different countries and different cities; internet, mailing and everything we have makes communication a lot easier, and long distnace relationships become a more popular subject in conversations now a days.

BUT WHAT ABOUT, when we live in the same town, blocks away from each other. We no longer call over the phone and spend hours at night hearing the sweet tone of his or her voice telling us stories or jokes and OMG laughs NOW all I do is imagine how that hahahahaha sounds like, or how that LOL should look like on the person that is writing it.

I mean it people, everyone needs LOVE (even animals) from their friends, parents, significant others, pets, what ever makes you happy .. but come on the real deal the one I was used to as I grew up, when you held hands for real, hugged (and I mean squeezed) your friends and listen to what other people have to say with your ears not your mind (while reading a text).

I just want to start the week by letting you know how much a real smile, not in text :) BUT FOR REAL one person smiling to the other for no apparent reason can change that day for a person.

DO IT, SOME PEOPLE WILL GET SCARED BECAUSE THEY WILL LOOK AT US LIKE CRAZY PERSONS but it is worth it if we all give our little share of giving back the world what technology has slowly taken from us ...

just a thought and wanted to put it out there, always happy to read your opinions, please feel free to comment below.

(real love)


  1. Alexis, Mapy, Paquito and Juan PabloJune 8, 2011 at 2:31 PM

    That's for sure! We can share thoughts and phrases through a blog or FB or twitter... but the keyboard cannot hold your hands or fingers... the monitor cannot smile, or frown, or cry.... NOTHING will ever substitute a person's heart or soul. It can only be shared through the personal experience of the others.

    Hey, you write swell! :) A big hug as if we were at Playa del Secreto!!! :D

  2. thank you so much!!! big hugs and kisses for the family, hopefully soon in person!!!