Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bridal Lingerie

It’s time for the last details but not less important. We talk about the lingerie that you’ll be using on your wedding day and your honeymoon.
The underwear of your choice should give you a sense of elegance and comfort. Likewise it must be romantic and sensual for your wedding night so, when your husband look at you, it will take his breath away, “the wow effect” and remembers one of the reasons why he said “I do” at the altar.
There is an extensive variety of styles, silhouettes and colors among you can chose to hide what you don’t want to show and highlight the best parts of your body.
When shopping time comes, it would be good to go to a store where you can try on clothes, besides they can advise you what fits you better according to your body shape. Also, don’t forget some company, because they can give you their opinion. Also, don’t forget that it is YOU who’s going to wear it!
Take your time to know what are your looking for to make a perfect match with your wedding dress.
These are some garment lingerie.
* Bridal Basques /bustier
o This item of clothing give you a great support on the breasts, you can show your waist and have freedom of movement. The bustier is smaller but also comfortable, and it shapes your body.
Usually this type of clothing include laces and embroidered on the top and lower part that might get away of the dress which is why is important to try it on with your dress before to avoid this situation.

* The corset
o Is the piece of lingerie most commonly used. The corset starts from the breasts to the hip, its main feature is that it has laces at the back that must be tighten to give you an hourglass-shape and a great breasts support. Good corset helps to reduce the waist by up to one size, but the bad news are that freedom of movement it’s restricted.

* Bras
o The best part is that that you already know your size and the material of your preference that fits you best. It also offers you good support but it exposes the belly.

* Garters
o Your outfit isn’t complete without a garter. Yours must be beautiful, sexy and comfortable. As all of the above, there is great range for choose. You can take advantage to give the “something blue” to your outfit.
There are embroidered garters, simple, with precious stones or flower shape details.

* Stockings
o The stockings are very important to give your outfit the sensual touch and also they are light.
You must take care of hooks that hold it because they could get caught on your dress or hurt you by scratching your leg.
You must pay attention to the size because if you choose them wrong they may give the appearance that you have bigger thighs.
If you opted them, don’t forget to put your garter on first and then your stockings.

You can ask for your groom’s opinion to find out what he likes, however, it would be ideal to give him the surprise. Try to make a balance between what you like and what he wishes.
Choose your underwear carefully because if you are in some exercise routine or diet your size may change.
When the ceremony and the celebration has finished …it’s time for honeymoon!
The options that we suggest to use on your trip are night gowns that come in different sizes, ideally use the ones that are short, that have some transparency with embroidered. Also you can use a garter belt in conjunction with stockings that will make irresistible to your husband.
Color of lingerie is key, they vary from clear colors such as white or lavender to incandescent colors like red.
The crucial thing is to choose what makes you delighted, comfortable, sexy and fantastic; your choice must catch your style and romanticism. Don’t forget to be yourself and enjoy the beginning of your new life next to your best friend.

By Alexandra RQ


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