Friday, December 16, 2011

Wedding Destination: Isla Mujeres

As a destination Wedding Expert in the Cancun and Riviera Maya area
I do need to know everything about the greatest locations and venues that
are not at your typical RESORT, and this is how
I came to Zama Beach Club in Isla Mujeres.

I have been here before at Weddings coordinated by Juliette Franze
my dear friend from Switzerland that owns Papillon Weddings and
coordinates them mainly on the Island.

But this site inspection was truly a
very good idea for a regular wednesday afternoon.

A dear friend of my invited me on a one day adventure,
at this fisherman´s island, I tagged alone
so I decided to set us up for a
site inspection and have a menu tasting at this
great place that has spectacular sunsets.

ZAMA means in maya "amanecer"
wich is in english SUNRISE.

You can arrive on your private Yatch or
just take a regular boat to the island
and just drive to the beach club.
For a very special wedding on a very quiet and
romantic island, I hope you could all experience
the magic and the exquisite flavors of its cuisine.

Special thanks to Jonas Rodriguez
that pampered us at the site inspection VIP style
and that has great plans for Zama on 2012.
You can find more information about this great place

Thinking about an island wedding
then come to ISLA MUJERES

Riviera Maya Vacation Rental
for Family Reunions


  1. food looks amazing and the place is nothing but paradise thanks for sharing this great experience, becka

  2. Isla Mujeres looks beautiful!

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