Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weddings Beautiful World Wide Mexico


Now in Vegas during the Wedding MBA
I had the opportunity to interview the Director
of an Association who has changed the way our
Country looks at the wedding industry.

She has certified with the help of the UNID
(Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo Mexico)

up to 150 wedding planners form Cancun, Riviera Maya and the Rest of the Country.
She is my friend and it was an honor to be part of the first generation of Certified wedding planners in Cancun by Wedding Beautiful World Wide Mexico.

1. How did you decided to join the wedding industry?

In 2003 I started to work for Crown Paradise Resort as a concierge, there I had my first opportunity to work in the wedding area, I started just practicing and one month later I had been promoted as the wedding coordinator, in that moment I discovered that weddings would be my passion.

2. When did you become a wbw certificator and how?

In January 2007 I enrolled to participate in the Wedding MBA convention in Phoenix, Arizona. I knew that Cancun and Riviera Maya where starting to became a very important wedding destination, and we were not really prepared, cause all the “wedding planners” at the destination started just like me, without the necessary knowledge, so when I met Nancy Tucker (WBW President in USA) I talked with her about my interest in becoming a certified wedding planner and getting the certification for more planners interested, she mentioned that the association was looking to expand their boundaries, and they in fact had representation in more than four countries around the world, including Japan East Africa, Bahamas, Singapure, and they were interested in have a representation in Mexico at that time, so that made me at that moment as candidate, and I achieved it in 2008 started my first course with 20 students in Cancun.

3. How does this certification affect tourism in your country, city, state?

Cancun was the first city in the country having the biggest number of wedding planners certificated thanks to the training program, now we have more than 130 Certified Wedding Specialist. That means that Mexico now can count with really professional wedding planners

4. What is the thing you enjoy the most about teaching?

The satisfaction to provide every bride and groom with a person prepared to make their wedding dream being come true in a professional way.

5. Give your advice to coordinators and planners that have not been certified yet.

Knowledge is power, they must be really prepared being professionals with credentials to attend this special market which is like no other.

Thank you very much for more information about this certification you can go to:


  1. Thank you Ilse for this interview. Is an amazing job that you are doing with these blogs, they are very informative and interesting. Hope to colaborate with you in many others.

    Claudia Álvarez

  2. Thank you Claudia and your certification is su helping our Destination grow and become more competitive world wide.