Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the iBride era

Hello and welcome,
I would like to take a moment
to let you know we are now living:

You don´t know what this is?
Well, easy.

You see, today´s bride is much more
informed about wedding related stuff
than any other creature on earth.

She is so prepared that sometimes she
forgets why she hired her wedding planner
in the first place.
The iBride is intelligent,
knows how to bargain and
never settles for anything.

Some call them savvy brides
I call them iBrides.
you can also download wedding podcasts

Their computer skills are amazing,
they will get everything with
the touch of one button.
(I bet your grandmothers dreamed of this day on their wedding)

We are NOW living the future.

So I looked up for some APPS you might
want to have in your iPads or androids
to make your iBride life more easy:

I know there are more APPs and programs
making your wedding experience a "light" one.
So take advantage of the iBride era
and Lets get married!!!