Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kristie Kelley & Ryan Myers

One again Yazmin De la Mora amazes us all with a very charming and petit wedding celebration were all the elements had the exact combination to be remembered for ever.

We can start by outlining the originality of the details in this very private gathering.

This original wedding couldnt have a better cake than the muffin tower cake, were each guest can choose their favourite flavor and enjoy.

Their first dance filled the air with sparkles not only comming from the pirotecnic specialists but from their eyes, for their love could be felt in the caribbean breeze.

The climax of the vening was when the mariachi came along and made everyone feel the mexican vibe during the delicious dinner.

Now let me tell you the greater story behind this very speciall day.

We were specting 25 guests, then swine flu came its way and not everyone was able to fly to paradise.

So we had only 11 guests, and this didnt stop it from beign one of the most unique weddings we´ve ever had in Secret Jewel Celebrations.

It all starts at the sunset on the seahore with a mayan wedding ceremony, were the 4 elements water, fire, earth and air become one and give their blessing upon Kristie & Ryan.

There was a beautifull flower carpet on the beach wich just gave the atmosphere a sublime and special air.

Spectacular photos taken by the photographer Pierre Violle.
Thank you Kristie & Ryan for sharing this very special day that really touched our lives!
My sincere admiration to Yazmin de la Mora and all her crew who made it all posible..... see you soon!!!

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