Wednesday, March 4, 2015

To Get Married in Riviera Maya is a beautiful and romantic thing and these reasons will have you booking a place as soon as possible!

Deciding to get married is a huge decision, but where are you planning on spending that special day? Perhaps you should look into a wedding in Riviera Maya. 
5.) Riviera Maya weddings are unique. Many people get married close to home, and this also increases the number of guests in your party. Destination weddings in Riviera Maya offer an opportunity to go somewhere different and get away with your loved ones.
4.) Your night will be a memory to last forever. Think about every wedding you have ever been to. Let me guess, small church, white wedding, pretty standard ceremony, reception, then home? Who knows what will happen at your wedding in Riviera Maya. Because it will last at least 3 days, and not to count the days after the wedding.
3.) Your wedding is a wedding and honeymoon combined. We called it WEDDINGMOON. After your wedding, you don’t have to worry about traveling more to get to your honeymoon destination. Everything will be planned out for you in advance, and after you exchange ‘I Do’s,’ you will have absolutely nothing more to worry about and you’ll have plenty of time for relaxing or recreation.
2.) Costs are actually relatively inexpensive, contrary to popular belief. For each wedding, people drop thousands of dollars on decorations alone. When you marry in Riviera Maya the real luxury is NATURE.  Also, whoever you get to help you plan your wedding in Riviera Maya will know all of the locals and will be able to find you better deals on catering, entertainment, and other services.
1.) Riviera Maya is paradise forever! Peace, tranquility, romanticism, and mystery surround you and you couldn’t ask for a more perfect location than that. Unless you have a beach with palm trees and a beautiful clear ocean all around you, I doubt you can find another place that offers you the same natural amenities with the same warm service their people have to offer and with the same incredible great prices you can get with all the different wedding package deals waiting for you to come.


  1. Hello!! These days I am planning for wedding but still searching indoor San Diego Wedding venues within my budget. Please help! If you know any event planner in San Diego, please recommend the address link of his/her company.

    1. I recommend my friend Naomi Goodman from San Diego