Sunday, October 14, 2012

What to keep and what to toss while planning the wedding

The couples I get to know very well personally often ask me if I have any tips or suggestions about how they should organize their of the wedding planning quest. I always said this is very wrap al because it depends on the couples points of view, why its important for them in their wedding and how they want both their vision and style to be shown at the wedding.
But I came up with a list of a few things that no matter what your needs and wants are for the wedding it's something you really need to pay attention to and keep in mind troughs out the process. This is my list of things to toss and things to keep for your wedding:
keep the invitations list to the most close friends and family members
Do not think about what guests would like to eat, drink or dance to its your wedding
Don't invite someone you know might piss you off at wedding
Focuss on the details everything else it's not worth paying if its tooth money
decide which style defines you as a couple according to love story and life lived toter so far
Traditions keep families together go with one thing from each of your families if they have a tradition go with it you don't have to say yea to all of them but one from each side of the family is fair enough
Start your own family tradition on your wedding day and make it something you will transfer from generation to generation
Old, new, borrowed, blue YES just go with the flow
The bouquet during reception it's a very nice way of having all the single ladies Dancing and fighting over something on the dance floor
the wedding dress even if you use it for a TRASH THE DRESS session fret wedding take it to the cleaners mx keep it
This are just a few things that I think may help you be a little more confident about the things you are doing as far as etiquette and rules. Just remember its your day your rules.


  1. A beach wedding is oh so romantic! The fresh air blowing from the sea gets you and your partner in the perfect mood for the much awaited day of your lives. You also have to love the fact that you can have a lot of influence on the design of the venue.

  2. Great tips! It is so true that your wedding should reflect the type of personalities that the couple have. They should not be worried at all if everything will look simple if it is what they wanted. It's their wedding anyway.

    Kelli Mueller

  3. I love the photo of you and your husband getting cocktails. You both looked great as you step on the sand and enjoyed every moment of your wedding ceremony. Anyhow, I can relate with the tips you mentioned here. We also did that when we get married, especially the wedding traditions. You must see to it that you evenly consider the traditions that each family has to propose to be fair with both parties. ;)

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