Monday, January 23, 2012

Vision Board 2012

photo credit Ani Gomez iPhone

Definition: A vision board is a collage of

things you want in your life.

If you're using your vision board for goals, your pictures will be symbolic to the things you wish to achieve.

photo credit Ani Gomez iPhone

The Secret tells the story of John Assarf, who created some vision boards for the things he wanted to achieve in his life. Five years later, he pulled some of the boards out of boxes packed away in his home, only to realize that the home he was living in was actually pictured on one of the vision boards.

photo credit Ani Gomez iPhone

Yesterday a group of friends and I gathered around a mountain of magazines,paper clips,tape, glue, markers, colors, glitter and
we put all our heart into creating our inspirational boards for this 2012.

I am so happy with the results I really wanted to share with you this project.
I'm sure many of you do it and if you don't,
well go ahead try it its amazing, a great feeling!!!

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The great part of this project is that this is really a
very cool thing to do for your wedding.
A vision board and get everything in there,
what you wish to have, what you already know you
will have and write next to the pictures and photos the
real things you want to achieve.

Next to every goal put a little square,
so once you already complete this task you can mark the BOX with a

photo credits my iPhone

If you already have your cool WEDDING VISION BOARDS
and want to share them for another post please feel
free to email them to

Vision boards are a good way to focus your positive thoughts on the things you want.



  1. THE BEST BLOG, MADE BY THE BEST WEDDING PLANNER, AND SISTER!!! ♥ love you so much mommo, im so proud of all your work!!!