Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ana & Cristof The butterflies of LOVE

This wedding has a very peculiar story, I really want to wait for our photographers selection but I can´t hold the emotions any longer.

This amazing love story began when Ana (Mexico) decided to come to Riviera Maya one year ago for her birthday with her best friends.
On board of the plane to Cancun she asked her mom who had passed away a couple of years ago for a special birthday present. And that same night she met Cristoph (Luxembourg) at the Hotels night club.
It just took them two days together to start a long distance relationship where LOVE found no boundaries, not in distance or language.
So after sometime they decided Ana had to go to Luxembourg so they could actually live in the same country together.

They decided to get married and come back to the magic place where it all started: Riviera Maya.

So now on October the 1st in the year 2011 Ana and Cristoph bring together friends and family from Spain, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Mexico to enjoy a wedding filled with little details all involving
butterflies celebrating a Love story just like the ones that inspire fairy tales.

I will have more amazing photos soon so we can look at every single detail involving this wedding.


  1. What a beautiful love story! I think the butterfly details are great, too.

  2. It was a roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end and we shared a couple of tears with friends and family, emotions invaded the atmosphere it is an amazing story and I am so lucky I got to be a part of it!

  3. The bright blue is perfect for this one!

  4. Such a great story! Love that lounge area setup too with the pretty blue fabric!

  5. Those comfy couches by the water look absolutely wonderful :)