Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Le Marriage D´Olivia et Guillaume: La vie en rose!

An amazing love story, true to Fairy tale endings.

We got contacted by Camille Lay, from Canada (cousin of the groom) and founder of trough Pam Lopez from

They had this amazing idea for a French wedding at our Venue and we were going to help out to make their ideas come to life.

The wedding started with a very nice Catholic Ceremony in the Chapel by Padre Fernando Rodriguez L.C.

He did everything in spanish, and the guests answered in french. Olivia et Guillaume did their vows in French and also everyone prayed the Holly Father in French, it was really exciting, I got goose bumps on that very moment!

Decoration and furniture was set up and managed by the amazing Gaby Lavor from
they put this amazing wooden benches for the
Catholic and Civil ceremony.

They had this huge wooden vases with tropical flowers and OMG the place just looked so cheerful.

The weather on this sunny Thursday afternoon was very nice, we had some breeze and this helped a lot because no one complained about being hot.
This always concerns some of our clients.

Regardless of the language, everyone had a very spiritual time during the Ceremony.

We also put some umbrellas on the outside, because as I said before, we were it would be too hot for the French guests, but It was really very fresh and breeze.

The Civil Ceremony took place a little after the Catholic Ceremony ended, everyone went to the beach outside of the venue and sat on their wooden benches with their maracas ready to cheer for the newly weds.

The Judge stood there happy to bring the Mexican Law to this great couple who where tying the knot in paradise.

Briefly after the Civil ceremony, the bride decided it was time to toss the BOUQUET.

OMG this was an amazing sequence I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I did shooting them.

So first Olive gets ready with the bouquet and the "single ladies" gather in a circle on the back of the bride.

Now lets throw on the count of three:

mmmm I wonder who might just have being the lucky girl that caught the BOUQUET. You know tradition says that the one who catches is the next one to get married.

YES!!!! Camille Lay, the Planner from canada who came to do her cousins wedding she is the LUCKY ONE!!!!

Everyone cheered like crazy, it was so funny!!!


In this panoramic view we can really appreciate the reception and dancing area inside an the cocktail area outside right next to the Civil Ceremony area.

Music provided by the amazing HITS BAND and my favorite DJ "YOda".

Inside everything was ready for the dinner buffet provided by Gisela Aburto from EASY GOURMET CATERING.

Sunset is Spectacular in the Venue, you see when you come in its day time you walk to the chapel or go to the beach area outside and its day time everything looks very different than when the sunset starts and we turn on the lights in the inside part of the venue.

The palapa right were the restrooms are was also decorated with paper lanterns and candlelight it was so romantic, I just had to take a shot of this atmosphere.

Ok another really cool thing about this wedding was the 1st dance, you see back in France Olivia & Guillaume had dancing lessons, "salsa" dancing lessons and had rehearsed for I don´t know how long for their amazing 1st dance.
It was very nice to see them Salsa!!!

For dessert the cater provided mini wedding cakes by our friend Cristina Ruiz from "Gemelas Bakery".

They were delicious and really nice looking.

We had so much fun and were really happy to host and help coordinate this 65 French guest wedding in our lovely Secret Beach Paradise.

Au revoir, et Merci Beaucoup.

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  1. Que bonita historia y la secuencia es lo máximo!!!!