Sunday, March 6, 2011

November 6, 2010.

My friend MICHELLE (mexico) & her groom SILVANO (italy) This was a very special wedding for us. Specially because I was invited. When our friend Michelle decided it was time to tie the knott with her lomg time italian sweetheart Silvano we couldnt dream of a better palce to have their wedding that our venue.

La Mich, as we call her is also friends with my dear friend and wedding planner Tanya Sesma. We build a solid team with UTOPIK events (Tanya & Ale). As allways they did amazing magic at our friends wedding. It was beyond special. Italians were so happy to be in Paradise and Both families got together in a very cold november evening were we had so much fun we kept warm with tequila and dancing.

The very cherry on the top was of course our now traditional WISHING BALLON CEREMONY. All the guests gathered at the beach shore to light up their papper ballons make wishes for the newly weds and then release them in the night.

The lighted dance fllor gave us a very tropical atmosphere, were white & green flower arrangements had the young & fresh touch.

FOOD, TABLE SETTINGS Provided by Banquetes Margarita.

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