Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mystical and Mayan WEDDINGS

Different options for ceremonies include MYSTICAL and MAYAN ceremonies:

Mystical ceremonies begin with the Shaman and wife Playing drums and sea shells, the permission and the blessing of the four directions will be asked to the East, the West, the North, and the South, as well as the heart of the Heavens and the Supreme Beings, the heart of the Mother Earth and everything that in her lives, and our own Hearts, the center of Love.

You will be covered with a blanket wich represents the universe covering you.
During this union the Shaman will bless them with the four elements.

The ceremony lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
The music of the ceremony its composed by chants, sonaja, drums and sea shells.
Other elements and movements can be included by the request of the couple.

Mayan Ceremonies :

The Mayan Wedding Ritual is based in the Maya's connection with the universe and their gods, which is described in their sacred book the Popol Vuh, the ceremony brings the couple to the four cardinal points (north, south, east and west) to unite them to the feminine Mother Earth and the masculine Cosmic Energy, symbolized by a central sacred candle.

An altar is created to represent these four cardinal points. Flowers mark these four points and on the altar there is traditional offerings to the Gods - corn, beans, rice, fruit – to represent the gifts of prosperity and fertility. North is represented by red flowers, East with yellow, South with purple, and West with white. Candles are located on the altar on the four cardinal points -- north, south, east and west – to symbolize the presence of the four Mayan cosmos gods.

The center candle unites the feminine and masculine – Mother Earth and Cosmic Energy, the fifth flame - which is lit by the Shaman or by the one he designates. Prior to the ceremony, the area is cleansed at the four cardinal points by the Shaman with the sacred smoke from the Copal tree and the blowing of the ritual conch shell horn.

Family and friends circle around the altar and they celebrate the union of the bride and groom by presenting gifts of flowers, music, food and drink. Mayan music with pre-Hispanic instruments and the sacred conch shell is performed before and during the ceremony.

Traditional Mexican music, such as Mariachis, can continue the celebration after the wedding.
The traditional Mayan wedding feast would include turkey tamales, beans, potatoes and tortillas with plentiful toasts by families and friends with Xtabentun, an anise and honey flavored Mayan liqueur. (Champagne is available as well).


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