Monday, February 27, 2012

My fair lady wedding inspiration

I don't know about you, but ME I'm a
HUGE fan of classic hollywood golden era.
The dresses, the glam, the elegance ...

This weekend I watch for the 20th time (more or less)
Audrey Hepburn at MY FAIR LADY

a classic that will never grow old, at least not for me.

But this time I watched it from a peculiar point of view,
yes you guessed right, from my wedding planner's point of view
and the result is amazing inspiration.

Im all in for the elegance and
the romance of the era.

I could not keep my eyes away from her Dresses,
particularly the white one
she wears for the
"Embassy Ball"

I went all crazy about
the dress and told
my whole family,
there you go I think I
found my perfect wedding dress.

Not that I 'm about to marry or anything yet, but
you know us girls,
I couldn't help it
Its just too damn
perfect for me!!!

So I thought I could share a few photos courtesy
of Warner Bros. pictures

I hope you find the dress as inspiring as I did
and well maybe you can pour us some tea
and sip as we enjoy this adorable "Eliza Doolittle"
a simple flower girl become a real

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