Thursday, February 2, 2012

Including mexican traditions on your #destinationwedding

Today is February the 2nd and in Mexico we celebrate the DIA DE LA CANDELARIA.

"LA CANDELARIA" Is a Virgin just like Virgin Mary. And this tradition follows the ROSCA DE REYES on January the 6th tradition of cutting the bread and who ever gets in their slice a "hidden" baby jesus must buy TAMALES
(corn and cornmeal dough stuffed with a meat mixture
then wrapped in corn husks and steamed)
and invite their friends over on the 2nd of february.

So today is our day for TAMALES and ATOLE.
According to Mama Latina tamales are one of Mexico's favorite dishes. You can find them all year long almost everywhere. Most people know about savory tamales, but there are also sweet tamales. The tradition is to have your Tamal with a hot beverage called Atole. It's sweet and corn based very delicious and we have different flavors to chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or plain.
But how is this culinary tradition even important for my DESTINATION WEDDING?
Well this is where the story gets its twist. You know how we are always looking for ways to incorporate traditions of the place where our Wedding will take place, so that our guests and family can have the complete DESTINATION experience?

Well we are adding bite size "Tamales" to your Hors d'oeuvre (literally "apart
from the main work or translated into the food items served before the first course), and serve them at the beach on your cocktail party after your ceremony.
This is an amazing way to add the mexican flavor, TAMALES can be a VEGETARIAN
option also and they are full of flavor.

You can fill them with beef, pork, chicken or cheese; and if you want to try them sweet you can fill them with almost any fruity flavor, they are the best.
There is no reason not to get GOURMET on your "Tamales"
you can add a little culinary twist by filling them with duck,
roasted turkey or even a signature dish by Bride & Groom.
What ever you do don't stop surprising your guests and familly INCORPORATE MEXICAN TRADITIONS TO YOUR WEDDING its a fun way to say I DO and VIVA MEXICO!!!

All photos provided by my FRIEND and amazing Mexican Chef
MICHEL BUNNY from TRES DE AZUCAR signature kitchen, poetry and more ....

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