Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Destination Weddings are so much fun, not only to the guests and friends that have the perfect excuse for a tropical vacation, but to the bride & groom who can really enjoy a whole 72 hrs wedding surounded by their loved ones. This is the perfect excuse everybody needs to just brake with the rutine and travel to an exotic destination that will treat & pamper you like royalty. I love Riviera Maya Destination Weddings because there is so much we can do on the day before, the wedding day and the day after. ON Tonights post I will tell you exactly what my favourite things for a Destination Wedding are and also some of my very own DW TIPS. FIND A DESTINATION WEDDING SPECIALIST ON THE DESTINATION YOU WILL HAVE YOUR WEDDING AT. This will save you lots of time and money because we KNOW everyone in the area and can get ANYTHING for you. Once you´ve decided the Destination of your wedding the next logical step is to choose a Venue, resort or LOCATION to have your ceremony, cocktail party and/or dinner party. Riviera Maya is a very popular Destination, because of its all included resorts were you can get great deals for your weddings. How ever there is a more selected group of travelers that really want to have a very diferent experience and that even if they and their guests are staying at an all inclusive resort; the couple will choose a private, exclusive and more intimate location to make sure they can really create the atmosphere and the vibe they are dreaming about and not just buy a premade package that has allready been the wedding of some hundreds of couples before them. The next thing on the list must be a THEME. Beach weddings have a very popular theme in everything having to do with sea, ocean and sand. But having a DW in a Beach does not mean all your theme must be seashells. You can allways do something that best describes you and your love. Maybe things regarding the place you come from, or even the country were the wedding is at. The theme is very important because it sets the colors, it also defines decoration, flowers, table set up and your logo for all the wedding stationary. NOW AT THIS POINT WE CAN START SENDING SAVE THE DATE NOTES, POSTCARDS OR EMAILS TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILLY. Now we can start talking about:
    Hair & Make Up, Transportation, Hotels, Video & Photography also:

  • Food & Beverages, Tipe of set up, Cocktail Party , performance, Music, Entertainment, Favours, Decoration, Ilumination, Welcome Bags, Personalized Flipflops, Flowers, etc.

  • All the services you´ll be needing in order to make this wedding an event no one will ever forget. So full of little details, screaming the couples name everywhere.

Remember to AMAZE everyone including your selves, dont have a traditional, magazinne wedding you´re allready thinking outside the box by making everyone travel to another country sometimes just to another city so now its time to do extraordinary things. These details dont mean extraordinary costs. With a 6 month minimum planning we can have your ideas perfomed and delivered in the way you pictured them only in your minds.

This are my favourite photos of couples who think different about center pieces or chair decoration, as you will see its just a little imagination and you can get the idea of the tipe of ambiance we are trying to create.

THIS PICTURES INSPIRE THE CREATIVITY IN ME. You dont need lots of flowers to make something beautiful. Also please have in mind that CANDLES are very pretty but at a beach wedding, outside on the night we have breeze and the normal wind that may blow the out. Use Special lanterns for your canddles or have them as decoration only. Another great TIP is The candle ceremony can be replaced by the SAND CEREMONY. Check out my facebook page Diamant Events and become a fan to learn more about this special ceremony. Follow me in twitter also @silkedisa I am only waiting for the photographers of the weddings we have hosted since Jan 2011 to give me their amazing art work and update the BLOG with this true LOVE stories we´ve had the honor to be a part of.