Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beach Wedding: brake the mold!

We are living in a world full of information.
Wedding related information, promotion and marketing can be confusing.
Sometimes the more you look for things related to your wedding, the more you change your mind, and sometimes you end up right where you started.

So i just want to give you a very important advise about Trends. The way I see it:

It´s important to read, and learn about the trends around the season and the colors that best suit your event.

How ever we are living in the: YOUR WEDDING, YOUR WAY era. At least thats what I see with each wedding; and what it was a must follow beach trend just a few years ago:
Today its no longer a rule to follow.

Brides now look for the authentic look.
They are having more simple and elegant bouquets.
And are definitely breaking the "cocktail dress for beach wedding " trend.

Also not having high heels is another thing that is changing,
a beach wedding doesn`t have to mean less elegance and loose the heels.
This are are some of this years brides and I will only say one came from Italy, the other from Australia and the other from Mexico and they 3 choose to have an amazing long white dress whit the back made of shinny stones.
The best advice I can give you is: BE YOUR SELF. Use the shoes, the dress, the bouquet, the accessories and the hair and make up that you have always dreamed of.
... Regardless the location, the destination, the season and the trend.


  1. so true and such good points, I love seeing so many destination weddings with ruffled dresses and tall Jimmy Choo shoes :)

  2. This is a wonderful article and such good reminders for brides.

  3. My bestie is getting married on a beahc in Choos and a satin/beaded mermaid wedding dress. Anything goes!