Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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I will say with absolutely no doubt about it, that my favorite
wedding trend of the YEAR 2011 is ribbons and bow ties.
I personally adore Ribbons
They are fun!!!

But what is even funnier is that
bow ties, which usually date me back to my grandpa,
something like: back in the days .... (you get the idea).

Getting back to the point, when I see Bow ties
I not only see someone who is daring to do something
different but it ALSO looks and feels Young & Fresh.
Ribbons hanging with place cards
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Ribbons on the chairs for decoration
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So this is what its all about giving your
wedding that sense of fresh, young and fun
every couple wants to transmit to their
friends and family.

I really hope this post inspires you
to use ribbons & bow ties, you can use them
fon decoration, just as a backdrop in your wedding ceremony
or as a very chic accessory.

My confession:
I am a ribbon lover.


  1. I love that first image! Nice round up :)

  2. I´m very happy I really love your work! I can´t wait to meet you:) see you soon!

  3. I love the ribbons, such a great way to inject some colour!! The first image is great, and I also love the ribbons on the chairs!

  4. Ribbons can be used in so many different ways - from decor to accessories. Great post.

  5. Rachel I can't WAIT to see meet YOU too!
    Layla, krissy, Emma and jessica thanks for your comments, I really believe ribbons can make everything look more pretty. And they are very afordable!

  6. Beautiful Collection :)